About Cousha Int.

Cousha Int. has developed to become one the world’s leading distributors with more than 1200+ clients worldwide. We have established relationships across the globe for the prompt and efficient sourcing to meet your needs. Our resources let us provide products from multiple origins allowing our clients the freedom to choose the best products to meet specific needs.

Cousha has well-established global business relations, which are aimed to deliver the highest quality products for the lowest price. This allows us to offer a wide range of products at affordable rates. Cousha provides an efficiently managed distribution network, which are well coordinated and monitored at all levels. The company researches, analyses, and orders products to suit buyer needs and each product is subjected to a comprehensive market evaluation prior to shipping.

There are hundreds of thousands of small shops, medium sized retailers, and individual entrepreneurs that buy products everyday. There are also millions of retail buyers and these buyers, owners of businesses and their employees are just like us because they want to see, touch, and feel the products. They want to be able to check its quality, and be sure they are buying something real. They want to deal with real people and we are the real people bringing them what they need. As a customer driven company, it is our goal to provide the best and most cost effective product available anywhere in the world. Cousha Int Trading Co, is your Global Trading Source.